2013 Volunteer Awards

At our November Volunteer Recognition Dinner, MGANM announced the 2013 Master Gardener Awards.  Congratulate the awarded members when you see them.

 2013 Master Gardener Awards:

 Welcome our New Master Gardeners!

Pamela Clark-Engwall

Sue Sensenbaugh-Padgett

Randolph Trumbull

Sonia Clem

JoAnne Gerben

Dorothy Batzer

Valerie Trumbull

Welcome our New ADVANCED Master Gardeners!

Martha McPheters-Ealy

Karen McClatchey

Luc Serriere

Cheryl Gross

Matthew Bertrand

Nancy Larson

Mary Dietrich

Lifetime Service Awards:

250 Hours

Martha McPheters-Ealy

Cynthia Rosiek

500 Hours

Lois Matteson

Congratulate our 2014 Re-Certified Master Gardeners!

Elaine Armstrong

Trina Ball

Matthew Bertrand

MaryJo Cullen

Nancy Denison

Martha Dively

Lin Emmert

Barbara Fasulo-Emmott

Betsy Fisher

Candy Gardner

Cheryl Gross

Theresa Harding

Michael Kiessel

Anne (Daryl) Kline

Julie Krist

Nancy Larson

Kathleen Lewis

Gladys Maguire

Lillian Mahaney

Karl Marsh

Lois Matteson

Lynn McAndrews

Karen McClatchey

Martha McPheters-Ealy

Gary Michalek

Elaine Resh

Phyllis Robinson

Cynthia Rosiek

Cynthia Sack

Joseph Sarafa

Luc Serriere

Sara Sokolnicki

Ruth Steele Walker

Peggi Tucker

Suzanne Waring

Michele Worden

2013 Top Volunteer Hours

176.5 – Martha McPheters-Ealy

159 – Lillian Mahaney

141 – Karen McClatchey

133 – Luc Serriere

130.25 – Cheryl Gross

Master Gardeners of the Year

Benzie County – Phyllis Robinson

Grand Traverse County – Whitney Miller

Leelanau County – Randolph & Valerie Trumbull

Manistee County — Dorothy Batzer

2014 Recertification News:

The 2014 recertification process will begin on Jan. 6, 2014 and end on Jan. 31, 2014. You must have all of your required hours entered into the VMS by December 31st to be eligible to re-certify.